Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello Everybody

Hi! I would like to introduce my latest venture: JArt Studio-Gallery, which, as the name implies, it’s a charming combination of an art studio and gallery. It is the place where I paint, create, run art classes/workshops and also where I exhibit my work, and soon, also the artwork of other emerging artists.

The range of pieces produced and displayed at JArt Studio-Gallery varies in style, medium genre and subject; artworks include painting, portraits, craftwork and photography - other artworks such as mirrors, lamps and hand-made jewellery, will soon also be featured online and at the gallery.

So far, opening my own studio/gallery has been an exiting, at times difficult, but also really fun and rewarding experience. I have worked hard to turn this once unloved, empty and unused shop into the cute place it is now! And I am quite proud of it!

The things I enjoy the most about my new job :@) are the art classes & the workshops – I love teaching people art, I can feel their enthusiasm and it is really interesting for me to see how everybody is different, how each of us has got different ideas, tastes, styles etc...But I also enjoy painting, working on commissions, and dealing with other interesting and talented artists! Overall, I like the whole package. However, I can say that my working hours are pretty full, and it is really hard to switch off; But I’m not complaining!! :@)

The reason I decided to start this blog is to share my experience with people interested in following my venture, finding out about events, emerging artists and keep up to date with new exiting artworks.

I think that this is all for now!
Until the next time…

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