Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ken Robinson: Do Schools kill creativity?

I have become interested in theories of perception, consciousness and the mind since starting my MA in art history; this was one of the subjects I took for the year. So I have been busy doing some reading and research on this topic, and came across this video which I found really interesting, although I don't agree with every single point made, I do agree with most parts of Sir Ken's talk - which I find very compelling. And in a way, it ties in very well with what I have learned and studied, and in particular, with new theories regarding consciousness and the brain.

I am really glad that we are creating new discourses on the mind, art, the body as well as education. We are living in systems created for different needs and eras, and to say the least, they are terribly outdated and need to be renewed. We really have to start thinking differently, question our current beliefs and knowledge in order to re-create a system that can work for everybody and is up to date with our time.

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