Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Art Basel 2010

Sorry if this comes a bit late...I had this post it in my drafts and never publish it! And Sorry for the photo quality - I had to take these with my mobile; anyway, here you go:

(By the way, I like the irony of these photos)

On Sunday Jun 16th I had the opportunity to attend Art 41 Basel and rub shoulders with the big personalities of the contemporary art world including dealers, artists, celebrities, collectors, academics and art aficionados. Art Basel in fact is the world's premier platform for Modern and contemporary art.

Works featured at the fair, as usual, included big names such as Picasso, MirĂ³, Matisse, Pollock, Warhol, Damien Hirst, De Kooning, Serra, Louise Bourgeois, Tracey Emin, Thomas Struth, Walker Evans, Martin Parr and many others; but there were also lesser known artists which galleries were trying to launch at the event.

Dealers in fact seemed particularly positive and confident, sales were up and this has even been confirmed by Jame Lindon - gallery director for Pace Gallery - who stated, " The volume of sales has been very high"; and Daree Bassin affirmed, "galleriests are happy when they are selling, and they are selling"! According to the Art Newspaper, Shangart sold a large landscape for over £1m to a European collector - a sale that only a year ago would not have even been attempted.

White Cube - who represents many of the Young British Artists - reported having sold, by Wednesday, 8 works by Damien Hirst including Memory of Love, 2010, which was bought by a collector for £ 2.35 m. Gallery Lehman Mauping also sold two out of the three pink neons entitled You Made Me Love You, 2010, by Tracey Emin for £ 50.000; while her embroidered blanket Why Be Afraid, 2009, £ 170.000, has been reserved by a Chinese collector.

So it seems that the art market is recovering and that the art bubble did not, after all, really burst; prices continue being overly inflated and men artists, more than female ones, continue to fetch top sales and prices. Although there are a few women superstars in the art scene - in our alleged post-feminist era - female artists are still struggling to properly enter, and fairly compete in this often ludicrous, yet fascinating art world.


The Art Newspeper, International Edition, 2010

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