Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Venetian Holidays

I am just back from really hectic vacation in Italy. Initially we had envisioned to go home for a few days, attend a friend's wedding, visit Venice and spend a couple of days to the sea in Croatia, however, our plans did not completely turn out the way we wanted. At the Croatian border, we were told we could not enter because we did not have a document for our car which certified it belonged to us...so we had to turn around and decided instead to go to the sea close to Venice; we were not too happy about it, but at least then we managed to squeeze in a visit to the Venice Biennale - I had tried a couple of days before to go but unfortunately it was closed the day we went, and then, the following days, there was a national strike on, so thanks to this Croatian inconvenience at least we were able to go. This is the link to the exhibition if you would like to take a look.


This year's show was organised by Bice Curiger who is currently also the curator at Zurich Kunsthaus.

I have put some photos of the shows on my Facebook page if you would like to view them go to:


While in Italy I also visited a customer who had commissioned me with an artwork and she wanted to show me how it looked in her house. She seemed really pleased with her paining and commissioned me with another work, so I took a photo of the painting and where she has hanged it, see below: