Monday, December 5, 2011

Milan Art Tour

Yesterday we had our Milan Art Tour! We were a group of 12 people and luckily everything went well! It was a good day and we managed to see quite a lot! Definitely the highlight was Leonardo's Da Vinci's Last Supper, it was truly amazing, I just loved it so much!! So worthwhile!!

Unfortunately although I did bring my camera, I did not get a chance to take many photos of the sites nor the group, as I was quite busy getting tickets, finding our way around the sites etc..etc that taking pictures was not really a priority! But definitely something I will have to make more time for the next trip...

The train journey to Milan from Zurich was quite long - about 3 hours 40 minutes each way - but luckily that was also not too bad as we had reserved our seats in advance and the company was great - we had some really interesting conversations that kept us busy along the way- as well as the scenery was really beautiful! Thus overall, even the train ride has been an enjoyable part of the day!

I had prepared a snack for everybody, I am quite proud of how I packaged it :) it looked really cute in the little transparent bags I put them in! And everything was colour co-ordinated in Orange, my studio-gallery colours - I know I am an orange addict, I love it! :) Everything looked really nice and the people seemed to also have enjoyed it! My husband prepared some homemade focaccia and Sheethal, one of my students, had also made a lovely chocolate cake!!

I have also prepared a little book with some information about the places we visited as well as hired some guides for some of the sites such as the Last Supper and Castle.

Thus, overall I am really happy with how everything went, I will have to organise something like this definitely again!

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