Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ken Robinson: Do Schools kill creativity?

I have become interested in theories of perception, consciousness and the mind since starting my MA in art history; this was one of the subjects I took for the year. So I have been busy doing some reading and research on this topic, and came across this video which I found really interesting, although I don't agree with every single point made, I do agree with most parts of Sir Ken's talk - which I find very compelling. And in a way, it ties in very well with what I have learned and studied, and in particular, with new theories regarding consciousness and the brain.

I am really glad that we are creating new discourses on the mind, art, the body as well as education. We are living in systems created for different needs and eras, and to say the least, they are terribly outdated and need to be renewed. We really have to start thinking differently, question our current beliefs and knowledge in order to re-create a system that can work for everybody and is up to date with our time.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Facebook "Like" and "Share" buttons

As mentioned in my previous post, I have added to my website some new features, these include the Facebook "like" and "Recommend" buttons - I was awake until 3 am last night trying to finish this!!! I hope they work well because it was bloody hard work :-) trying to update all the pages! Web designing sounds so much easier than what it actually is...often it's really time consuming!!!

So I will be very happy if you check this out, and please please :-) get sharing, liking and spreading the world out there...I am trying my best to market my business all ways that I can...But a little help, won't harm!! :-) ♥ thank you ♥ !!

JArt Studio-Gallery News Update

Hello! Just a quick update on what I have been up to in the last few weeks!

As usual, I am giving art classes at the studio, and I have to say, I am very proud of the artwork my students are producing; it is really great and also rewarding for me to see how each of them is growing!

Their artwork includes a collection of sketches, pastel paintings, oil & acrylic paintings, charcoal, sepia and sanguine drawings - but probably I have forgotten some...But If you want to take a look at my student's online gallery, please visit:

At the moment I am also busy working an a few Christmas commissions, these include pencil portraits and personalised handpainted cups! Will publish some samples when they are available!

I have also been updating my website content with new workshops and events (you can see more info here:, as well as new website features...but will post a new note about this!

So hope you have all been well! Until the next post :-)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Work in Progress - Greeting Cards!

I am currently in the process of creating greeting cards from my artwork, and I must admit, that I am quite happy with the results so far...I'll publish a sample so that you can take the first look! As soon as I am finished, I will provide more photos and the details about the different types. Keep an eye out for them as they will also be made available for purchase through my website and studio! I hope you like them as much as I do :))

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 Tips for Art Students and Professional Artists

Bare in mind that I have to constantly remind myself of these too :)

1 - Paint and draw with your heart, not your head.

2 - Paint and draw because you ENJOY doing so.

3 - Place yourself in a comfortable room/work area with good lighting, somewhere you feel inspired and relaxed. Close the door to the world. Put some music on if it helps you. ENJOY.

4 - Don't rush through an artwork, take your time. Art is like a child: it requires a LOT of care and attention - the outcome of a piece is proportioned to the time/attention you put into it; at least for realistic subjects.

5 - NEVER be afraid of making mistakes! Mistakes are good, they help you get better. The problem in fact, is not in finding the mistakes, but the problem arises when you don't see them, as then you cannot fix them and improve your work.

6 - Be proud of your artwork and don't be too critical - you can always do better in the next piece.

7 - If you feel frustrated with a work, and you cannot quite figure out where you went wrong with it, leave it for a couple of days and then go back to it with a fresh might actually be pleasantly surprised and feel your work is not as bad as you initially thought :) - and it might also be easier for you to see if something needs changing.

8 - If you are not in the mood or have no inspiration, LEAVE IT! You are only going to make things worst and end up with a lot of frustration! Go for a walk, take a break and then go back to your art.

9 - Do get inspiration from other artists; yet not too much. Remember: you are you and your work is yours. Don't compare yourself to others, you are unique.

10 - And finally...something I often tell my students but perhaps don't stress enough: don't be afraid to experiment or bend the rules. A good artist is not just someone that can copy and follow all the steps, instead, she/he is someone who knows the processes but is not afraid of using her/his own instinct/judgment and imagination to experiment, and create something new!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Art Basel 2010

Sorry if this comes a bit late...I had this post it in my drafts and never publish it! And Sorry for the photo quality - I had to take these with my mobile; anyway, here you go:

(By the way, I like the irony of these photos)

On Sunday Jun 16th I had the opportunity to attend Art 41 Basel and rub shoulders with the big personalities of the contemporary art world including dealers, artists, celebrities, collectors, academics and art aficionados. Art Basel in fact is the world's premier platform for Modern and contemporary art.

Works featured at the fair, as usual, included big names such as Picasso, MirĂ³, Matisse, Pollock, Warhol, Damien Hirst, De Kooning, Serra, Louise Bourgeois, Tracey Emin, Thomas Struth, Walker Evans, Martin Parr and many others; but there were also lesser known artists which galleries were trying to launch at the event.

Dealers in fact seemed particularly positive and confident, sales were up and this has even been confirmed by Jame Lindon - gallery director for Pace Gallery - who stated, " The volume of sales has been very high"; and Daree Bassin affirmed, "galleriests are happy when they are selling, and they are selling"! According to the Art Newspaper, Shangart sold a large landscape for over £1m to a European collector - a sale that only a year ago would not have even been attempted.

White Cube - who represents many of the Young British Artists - reported having sold, by Wednesday, 8 works by Damien Hirst including Memory of Love, 2010, which was bought by a collector for £ 2.35 m. Gallery Lehman Mauping also sold two out of the three pink neons entitled You Made Me Love You, 2010, by Tracey Emin for £ 50.000; while her embroidered blanket Why Be Afraid, 2009, £ 170.000, has been reserved by a Chinese collector.

So it seems that the art market is recovering and that the art bubble did not, after all, really burst; prices continue being overly inflated and men artists, more than female ones, continue to fetch top sales and prices. Although there are a few women superstars in the art scene - in our alleged post-feminist era - female artists are still struggling to properly enter, and fairly compete in this often ludicrous, yet fascinating art world.


The Art Newspeper, International Edition, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Catching Up

I have not been posting as regularly as I would have liked, as between trying to finish my latest commission, the art classes, and the fact that I was away for a few days, I really did not get around to continue with my weekly challenge, unfortunately. But that is not too bad as I have at least managed to finish the painting I was working on for a customer, and I also did a new pencil portrait and just started a new one for a friend who just had a baby. Will post some pictures soon, but will need to wait for a brighter day to take some decent photos.

It was also my birthday this month and just wanted to show my present! It is really cool...I am planning in using it a lot!! :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

YouTube Video: Online Art Classes, Paintings & Portraits

I am trying to market my artwork on the internet, so today, I created this video which I then posted on YouTube. I have only started to experiment with videos, but I do enjoy it, and hope to be able to create many more in the future.

Artists in this day an age no longer really require art galleries to showcase their work, the web has made life so much easier for creative people out there. The internet is truly a democratic tool which allows one to reach a variety of people and exhibit to a worldwide audience quickly, easily and without breaking the bank :-)

Monday, July 19, 2010

What a ride!

This was a lovely weekend; I could not have asked for more. I guess you probably too have times when you wondering what life is all about, this rollercoaster ride which so often takes one up as well as down, sometimes gently, and sometimes so fast that one is left without breath…

Yesterday evening was for me one of those moments when I did realise what this journey is all about. Sitting on our porch it was just so lovely to feel the warm summer breeze gently stroking my face and body, smell the fresh and sweet summer air while being wrapped around by the crisp and vivid colours of nature. I felt at peace, at peace with myself and with the world. There could not have been a more perfect moment, and it is at times like these that I am grateful and blown away by life, by it misteries and its utter beauty. I just had to take it all in, and it was great to be able to share all this with my husband who is just the best gift and blessing to me, he is just so unique and special. I can truly say, I could not have wished for better, I was HAPPY.

And then before going to bed last night I was left again wondering and thinking about life as I just finished reading a post by Tessa who’s blog ( I recently started following. She is such an inspiration and a talented lady and, although I only briefly came to know her, and just via her blog, I was left very saddened by her post "Stormy weather", which made me realise even more that moments such as yesterday are truly unique and that life and people are gifts that should really not be taken for granted. I wish you well Tessa and do believe in miracles, don’t give up, keep fighting; You have added so much to this world, and borrowing from your own words: life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out and yelling joyously.... "WOOO HOOO what a ride!"

Friday, June 18, 2010

Amazing Job!!!

Kelly Light has done an amazing job with her blog, and so far, our illustrations have raised $ 3.000! If you would like to contribute, visit her blog:

See some images of the poor animals :@(

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We Can Help: The Ripple Effect

I have been searching the internet in the last couple of days as I am interested in using some of my art for charity and came across this great blog by Kelly Light:

This blog was started to support and raise money for the animal victims of the Deep Water Horizon Gulf Oil Spill.

It also provides me and you with an opportunity to contribute and help with the cause; how? well "We may be too small as individuals to do some grand gesture- but together our small gestures can be grand.

This week's Illustration topic is "Ripple" and I ask you to consider creating your work as a small 2.5" x 3.5" sketchcard. The subject should pertain somehow to the Gulf - the oil spill - the oceans and the creatures that live in it and around it. The cards can be submitted to as a jpeg along with your links and a few sentences about you (ie: where you live, etc).

These will be made available for a small donation of $10.00 to either The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies ( or The International Bird Rescue Research Center ( I have no affiliation with them. Every penny will go. When the cards sell, We ask for a donation confirmation and you will be asked to sign the back with a thank you. Then mail them to the address you are sent. If we all do small acts together- we can cause a ripple- and it can grow. We can DO SOMETHING. Thank you, thank you for checking this out and thinking about it."

Quote from Kelly Light in

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another portrait

Hello there! Is anybody else wondering where is spring/summer this year? I am looking outside my window and today is another dark and cloudy day...ummm not good for my artistic inspiration :) talking of which, I have here another portrait to post. This one is of Audrey Hepburn, she was definitely a stunning woman and a worthy subject to portray. I enjoyed making her portrait.

I am currently trying to build a portfolio of portraits...since leaving art school, I have dedicated most of my time in the last few years to the more historical/theoretical side of art, as well as doing completely uncreative jobs, resulting in my art to suffer. Because of this, most of my drawings are actually quite old, so I need to add more recent samples to my online gallery!

In a way, now, I feel like a student all over again...but that is good isn't it? In life we are always students, always learning new things...I feel I am trying to re-discover myself artistically...this is weird because 10 years ago I really knew who I was as an artist, now I have to start feeding my artist identity all over. Where am I going? Have no idea! But all I know is that art is what makes me being me; when I draw, when I paint, when I study art history, and even when I teach art. Teaching art has also been a great experience for me. I have some really great students! Ah, and I am even giving online art classes, this - even though I say so myself - I think is quite impressive! To think that today, thanks to technology, is possible to reach, and yes, even give art classes to people who live on the other side of the world, is pretty amazing! But hey, I am all for technology and opportunities in this way! By the way, I am creating a "students Gallery" on my website featuring my students' work if anybody would like to take a look, it is not complete yet, there are more artwork to come so keep chacking it!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bernini - Power of Art

The BBC makes really great documentaries on Art. This clip is about Bernini - a Baroque Italian artist. I remember seeing it on TV when it was first broadcasted, and recently - I am so happy - I found it on youtube!

But the first ever time I learned about Bernini was during an art history class in school, when I was about 16/ 17 years old. I remember being so impressed by his work, his statues really seemed to be alive, made of real flesh, not marble! As Simon Schamas states in this video, "no one before Bernini had managed to make marble so carnal...he could, like an alchemist, change one material into another: marble into trees, leaves, hair, and of course, flesh..."


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Finally today I had time to do some drawing :@) - drawing is something I really enjoy doing but I haven't had much time for it lately! I have to really get back into it....drawing it's soooo therapeutic! I really really love it!

Friday, March 5, 2010

My New Painting

Hello there, just quickly posting my new painting! Just finsihed! Hope you like it!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Online Art Classes

Are you interested in attending an art class/course but you do not have the time to travel to the studio, or perhaps you are unable to commit to specific dates and times?

Jacqueline has in fact come to realise that many people would like to attend art classes/courses but struggle to fit them into their daily schedules, for this reason, she has decided to set up online lessons. In this way, you will have more freedom in deciding the pace you want to learn at, when you would like to attend a lesson, draw or paint - all from the comfort of your own home!

There are in fact many benefits in taking online art courses/classes:

1 – Learn at own pace.

2 – Work on your art assignments when is most suitable to you.

3 – Work from the comfort of your own home.

4 – Direct communication with the tutor via e-mail, chat room and Skype.

5 – Modern, easy and affordable way of learning art skills.

What you will need:

1 – Access to the internet.

2 – Webcam.

3 – Digital camera or scanner.

4 – Skype Account – (easy and free, Jacqueline can help you set this up if required).

What you learn:

Depending on the course/schedule there will be different learning outcomes, but mainly, the courses will help you build good drawing skills, teach you about composition, chiaro-scuro, perspective, colour theory, as well as give you an overview of different art techniques.

How does it work?

It is easy and simple. Once you enrol, Jacqueline will contact you back to confirm your booking and arrange times for the first lessons to take place, the following classes will also be scheduled according to your needs.

Jacqueline will provide you with handouts and course materials via e-mail, and teaching will take place via Skype.

You will be given tasks and art assignments to complete, and you will send these back to the tutor for review via e-mail.

How long is the course?

A course can take from 3 to 12 months to complete (3 months course), or 6 to 24 months ( 6 months courses).

You will also have the option of purchasing art classes individually in either painting of drawing, or request custom art classes if you feel you would like some extra lessons.

Feel free to e-mail for more information or if you would like to arrange a meeting at the studio to discuss the classes/ courses further. Alternatively you can also call +41 (0)76 750 02 05.


If you already know this is the option for you, you can simply book/buy an art course online:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Artists on Board

JArt Studio-Gallery would like to introduce and welcome on board 5 new artists: Alessandro Zenok Lombardo, Francesco di Martino, Micaela Barbarossa, Angela Policastro and Enrico Casmirri.

They all produce artwork that is original and of excellent quality ranging from paintings, hand-made jewellery, lamps and mirrors.

To find out more about these artists, and to view other samples of their artworks, please visit their online profiles below:

ONLINE PROFILE: Lombardo.htm


ONLINE PROFILE: Barbarossa.htm

ONLINE PROFILE: Policastro.htm