Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 Tips for Art Students and Professional Artists

Bare in mind that I have to constantly remind myself of these too :)

1 - Paint and draw with your heart, not your head.

2 - Paint and draw because you ENJOY doing so.

3 - Place yourself in a comfortable room/work area with good lighting, somewhere you feel inspired and relaxed. Close the door to the world. Put some music on if it helps you. ENJOY.

4 - Don't rush through an artwork, take your time. Art is like a child: it requires a LOT of care and attention - the outcome of a piece is proportioned to the time/attention you put into it; at least for realistic subjects.

5 - NEVER be afraid of making mistakes! Mistakes are good, they help you get better. The problem in fact, is not in finding the mistakes, but the problem arises when you don't see them, as then you cannot fix them and improve your work.

6 - Be proud of your artwork and don't be too critical - you can always do better in the next piece.

7 - If you feel frustrated with a work, and you cannot quite figure out where you went wrong with it, leave it for a couple of days and then go back to it with a fresh mind...you might actually be pleasantly surprised and feel your work is not as bad as you initially thought :) - and it might also be easier for you to see if something needs changing.

8 - If you are not in the mood or have no inspiration, LEAVE IT! You are only going to make things worst and end up with a lot of frustration! Go for a walk, take a break and then go back to your art.

9 - Do get inspiration from other artists; yet not too much. Remember: you are you and your work is yours. Don't compare yourself to others, you are unique.

10 - And finally...something I often tell my students but perhaps don't stress enough: don't be afraid to experiment or bend the rules. A good artist is not just someone that can copy and follow all the steps, instead, she/he is someone who knows the processes but is not afraid of using her/his own instinct/judgment and imagination to experiment, and create something new!