Monday, August 11, 2014

We Have it All

 "Luce Irigaray accepts that women do not have the phallus. But she counters this with her claim that women in effect do not need the phallus: women have something else: the two lips. Women have essence of being by virtue of their anatomy that has its own integrity, its two-ness which is always folding back on itself."
-- Frances Gray  in Jung, Irigaray, Individuation: Philosophy, Analytical Psychology, and the Question of the Feminine. 
The "we have it all" in this painting is used in a sarcastic tone, but on the other hand, it does also assert that women actually do HAVE it all! I think that as an artist it is important for me to express my point of view  in my work, as well as my political motives - if I didn't, I would be giving my power away. However, with the mirrors I also try to  keep the painting fluid, flexible and open to interpretation.


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